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Top 27 UK Business Bank Accounts: Online Price Comparison

The process is the same everywhere so you can feel confident when you switch, no matter which participating bank or building society you choose. Common eligibility examples include having a minimum number of Direct Debits, and a set amount entering the account each month. You'll also need to agree any overdraft facilities you require with them before initiating the switch subject to eligibility status.

In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, your new bank or building society guarantees to refund any interest and charges you incur as a result of a delayed or incorrect switch. It's all part of the Current Account Switch Guarantee. AER interest on in-credit balances between and up to. Go to site. Customers who open a 1 2 3 Business Current Account including Start-up and Switcher offers become part of the 1 2 3 Business World, which makes them eligible for preferential rates and offers. The account gives value back to businesses, paying cashback on their turnover. Additionally, HSBC will not charge you for making internal transfers, cash withdrawals and payments from your account by cheque, Direct Debit, standing order and bill payments.

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Face-to-face or online Business Review to identify opportunities and help you achieve your goals. Clydesdale Bank. Yorkshire Bank. Revolut for Business. You could open an account within five minutes No monthly fee applies A fee of 20p per transfer applies No charges for using your card at home or abroad Instant invoicing — send invoices on the go from the app. Once your new account is open, you can switch your old account to us in 7 business days, using the Current Account Switch Service. Direct debits will be automatically transferred and payments into and out of your old account will be redirected.

Co-operative Bank. The cardonebanking Business Account is hassle free. You won't be charged late payment fees or incur any overdraft fees. Online, phone and SMS account access - pay bills using Faster Payments from your smart-phone or tablet. Bill payment service.

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UK call centre. Export statements to cloud accounting network. Free text alerts each time money is paid in and confirming bills are paid. Cardone Banking. See more business finance products.

How We Evaluated Free Business Checking Accounts

A business bank account works like a personal bank account. This can help you manage your business cash flow more easily and calculate the tax you owe at the end of the year. Having a business bank account also makes it possible to apply for a business loan or a business credit card in the future. Where a business bank account differs from a personal bank account is the fact that you will often have to pay a fee to use your business account and possibly individual transaction charges.

A business bank account can cost several hundreds of pounds a year in fees. Business bank accounts are available to sole traders, partnerships, companies, clubs, societies and charities.


Most UK business bank accounts come with an introductory offer such as free banking for 12 or 18 months. Some business account providers might offer free business banking for an introductory period. If you go over your agreed overdraft then you will most likely have to pay a fee. You legally need a business bank account if you have a limited company. This is because your business and personal income are treated as one by the tax office, so you can use your own personal bank account for your business transactions.

Partnerships, which are effectively two or more sole-traders, may also choose to operate through a joint personal account. Many sole traders and partnerships do choose to open a business bank account though, to help keep their business finances separate. It can also give an accurate reading of how your business is doing and can provide detailed transactional data, if needed. You can open a business bank account through a high street bank or a digital bank. You will either be able to open your business bank account online or in branch — this will depend on the type of bank and the account.

The type of documents and proof you need to open a business account will be influenced by the type of company you have. If you have a bad credit history then you will likely find it more difficult to open a business bank account. You might find it easier to open a business account with your current account provider. Some banks will offer foundation accounts for your business, designed for borrowers with a poor credit history. Everything you need to know about claiming your cashback when you switch current account. There are many different current accounts to choose from, it can be difficult to work out which is the best one for you.

Most people need to open some sort of current account to manage their day-to-day banking.

Best Business Bank Accounts For Startups In Ireland: The Complete Guide

More people are switching on to the benefits of switching their current account. If you suffer from a poor credit score, getting financial products can seem an uphill struggle. Joint accounts can be a convenient and flexible way to manage shared household expenses. Want to wave goodbye to your overdraft for good? Work out your own Buying Mood Index to see if, when and why you're likely to overspend. Santander offers all the start-up businesses with 12 or 18 months of free business banking with their start-up business current account.

You also get to enjoy free and unlimited day to day transactions during the start-up period. Santander provides online guidance and support to their current account clients when they need it. This account is primarily used for day-to-day banking solutions. Metro Bank has an Award-winning account switching service which lets them take the hassle out of moving your existing bank account.

The process of opening an account is fast and hassle-free. Transactions all over Europe are free of charge. The pricing is straightforward and transparent. HSBC provides a range of accounts and services for business banking. They also provide finance and borrowing for business expansions or improving cash flow. Business guidance to start trading overseas , as well as finance and borrowing to fund your expansion or improve cash flow.

Lloyds Bank provides start-up businesses with up to 18 months of free business banking, and offers a Monthly PricePlan once their free banking period expires. They help establish around , businesses each year. NatWest offers a variety of start-up business banking services. The bank provides personal guidance to get your business off the ground, as well as free business training courses. With their current business account, you can enjoy up to two years of free business banking.

Tips for Opening a Business Checking Account (What to Ask BEFORE You Open It)

Their business management team helps and supports businesses in reaching their goals. No annual fee on business credit cards for the first 12 months, as well as two years of free banking. Barclays offers free business banking for 12 months, and provide loyalty benefits if you stay with them longer. They will get in touch with you two months before your contract ends. Easy online application system. Two price plans of your choosing, designed around the way your business makes and receive payments.

Business banking: Best banks and accounts for UK businesses

No standard transaction fees during the initial free banking period. Access to Barclays Connector — a knowledge-sharing platform powered by a community of entrepreneurs. The co-operative bank offers a one-of-a-kind banking package to more than , members of their Federation of Small Businesses FSB. Interest is paid on the entire credit balance. The bank also has a fee-free overdraft facility. The Bank of Scotland offers a wide range of support and services to businesses who wish to open an account with them.

What is a business bank account?

A dedicated Business Management Team will also be there to guide you. You also get a free one-month trial of their business toolbox, and can easily access your account online or through the telephone. With either one, you receive direct contact with someone who can advise you on your business and help you find solutions to problems specifically concerning your company. Cumberland offer a business current account option is available for all small businesses. They also offer Internet banking and a mobile app.

The account integrates with Xero accounting software to give you an up to date view of your financial position and save you time reconciling your accounts. The Bank of Cyprus has long been known for their flexible banking solutions for small businesses across the UK. They have also established a reputation for giving tailored banking solutions to small businesses which include saving packages and easy access to your funds. Overdraft facilities are in place to help you manage your working capital and cash flow needs. The Bank of Ireland offers a wide range of business banking facilities, including deposit services, commercial lending, interest rate management, foreign exchange and debtor finance.

Their Business eBanking platform gives you access to your account information whenever you need it, and aims to help you manage your cash flow more efficiently. There is no monthly subscription fee for the Accounts Information module so you can view your account balances and transactions. AIB also offers a number of start-up support tools and merchant services.

With their current account, you can make and receive payments by debit card, cheque, direct debit, standing order or online. The Yorkshire Bank has a long banking tradition in the UK going back to the mids. Through time, they became well known for their reliability in business and personal banking and grown a network of retail branches. The originality of the TSB comes from the fact that this bank does local banking only — the money never leaves Britain and thus makes the local economy stronger.