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The camera's memory card was full of images from their special day, and the thief got away with those photos as well as the photographer's gear. The lens has become a bit of a legend in the photography world, highly sought after by many collectors even three decades later. This video takes a look at the lens and what it's like shooting with it.

In total, 73 lenses are on sale for just four days total, so you should probably check out some of these deals. Security researchers have revealed that Adobe exposed the personal data of 7. Fortunately, no payment details or passwords were included and the vulnerability was addressed by Adobe immediately after its discovery.

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Half the fun of studio lighting is that you get such granular control over the lighting that you can bring ideas to fruition that simply would not be possible with just natural light. Such is the case with this video, which will show you how to create these eye-catching shots using slit lighting. The Panasonic S1H is a monster camera when it comes to video, so much so that it has taken its place next to far more expensive cameras by being certified by Netflix for use as a primary camera on productions.

Who exactly is this lens meant for? This first look video takes a look at this unique and interesting piece of glass. Let's just pretend for a moment that DSLRs are officially dead and we're left with nothing else, but mirrorless cameras and cell phones. What would that mean to photographers?


But many of us fall into specific patterns of behavior that affect the success of our businesses. Photography can be a frustrating pursuit, particularly when you feel excited about an image, only to come home and fall back to Earth as you realize it is not actually that great. What about when that happens times in a row? Could you still persevere until you got a photo worth keeping? The Nikon Z 6 , along with the Z 7 , were the first cameras to use the company's new Z mount and their first foray into the rapidly developing professional mirrorless market.

It has now been about a year since the Z 6's release, giving photographers and videographers time to really get to know the camera and see how well it works in professional settings. This excellent video review discusses how the camera has performed over that year.

The megapixel war has seen a resurgence in recent years, with full frame cameras blowing past the megapixel mark and producing file sizes that would have seemed ludicrous not that long ago. With these crazy resolutions come a lot of benefits, but also some drawbacks that you should consider before you invest in such a camera. This great video will show you what it is like to work with these megapixel monsters. Pop star Selena Gomez shot the video for her much-anticipated comeback track entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro. The video has acquired almost 50 million views in the two days since it premiered.

Trading or selling your time for money has long been viewed by classic economics as a losing proposition. There are only so many hours you can sell, so how do you break through this earnings ceiling? It's a slightly uncomfortable question when said directly, but it's one you ought to answer. If you want any significant improvement in your work, being happy just taking pictures isn't enough. If you use screw-in lens filters, sooner or later, you may end up with a stuck lens filter that refuses to come off. Have no fear, though: here are 10 ways to remove that stuck lens filter.

It seems as if the world of photography is currently turning all around this topic: Is the time of DSLR over? On the web, people get into heated discussions about this issue. Should you join in? Photography is a centuries-old practice with a rich history of innovations and advancement, and it is a fun and informative exercise to take a look at all the events that brought us to where we are today.

This great video takes a look at 10 of the most pivotal moments in photography history. One of the most fundamental and important skills any photographer can possess is the ability to create an accurate exposure in camera. This first part of a two-part series will show you the numerous tools your camera has to help you achieve that goal as well as how you can avoid being fooled by other things your camera does.

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